Friday, 26 December 2008

Rant 1: CarylCake Confuses a Feminist

This is part in a series of rant-noodles I've decided to make. Today I had a conversation that simmered my blood somewhat, and reminded me of many other occasions where women had said similar things to me. I could go into details, but the bottom line is, people don't seem to like that I'm not a driven career-woman type; I'm a housewife.

Call me backward, tell me I'm subscribing to the oppression of women that Pankhurst and Greer and Thatcher worked so hard to fight against, but stuff you, I'm gonna become the best darn housewife the 21st century has ever seen, and have a great time doing it.
When I get a job (and hopefully before the end of January) it will be for the money and the opportunity to help others, not to try and claw my way to the top and do plenty of man-bashing on the way. Human beings are human beings, regardless of sex, race, religion etc.

However, that doesn't mean human beings aren't all different with different traits. Of course I want to be treated differently from a man! Men get a raw deal these days, they just kinda mope around without purpose while getting an earful from women that they're not 'man' enough. What is 'man' now? We've spent the past three decades trying to reinstate the purpose of woman, got it completely wrong, then messed up men in the process.

So, take that, feminism. You've done about as much harm as you have good, to both men and women, and I'm not standing for it. All I aim to do in this life is treat humans as humans, and ignore anyone that tells me I should be aiming to do anything different.

Thank you.

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misticraven said...

Good for you. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to be a housewife, and I think that some people don't appreciate how much hard work it is- the cleaning and cooking etc. I clean the local Guide HQ every week, and that is tiring, so I'd hate to do it everyday!

I enjoy going to work, as it keeps me busy and I don't like doing housework, but if you do, then that's great too. Don't let anyone make you think less of yourself for doing what you think is right.

(sorry for the rant!)